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Types of Pools

1. Custom vinyl-lined pools

Vinyl lined pools use quality steel wall kits manufactured for durability and years of service. Manufacturing practices continue improving, and your pool can take almost any shape you want.

It’s custom-fitted with liners that retain an even vinyl thickness throughout the pool. That means long lasting performance and fade resistant beauty. you can also insulate the walls, reducing heat and providing a softer wall fee.

Endless Features:

  • Molded easy-entry steps.
  • Stunning ledges.
  • Cantilevered rock coping.
  • Waterfalls.
  • In-pool lighting.
  • Seating areas with massage jets.

Your pool can be so much more than a cool space to float (of course, it can be that too).

Custom swimming pool in mississauga

2. Mini pools

Small pools and swim spas offer big entertainment and big features for small yards!

The concept can start as a basic plunge pool to cool off or float in while reading a great book, it can include benches with massage jets.

It is essentially a vinyl lined pool, customized to fit any space and landscaping style without eating up a huge chunk of your outdoor living space.

These mini pools can integrate into your landscaping with waterfalls or other water features (spill over spas) and provide just as much of an impact on your landscape as a regular sized pool.

The only limitation is your:

  • Yard Space.
  • Imagination.
  • Budget.

Mini pools provide your family with BIG entertainment that fits beautifully into small yards.

mini pool in a small backyard

3. Inground hot tubs

Inground hot tubs combine the aesthetics of a pool with the benefits of a water massage – at a price that’s comparable to other tubs.

You can skip the unsightly square tub oddly placed in your patio. Your inground hot tub submerges into the landscape. Add a stylish coping around the edge and you’re ready to enjoy all the pleasures of a luxury spa.

Make the most of it by adding a waterfall and surrounding gardens to make it the centrepiece of your landscape. Enjoy it year-round.

These inground hot tubs are an accessible option for anyone considering a tub purchase already. Let your imagination run a little, and consider the lifestyle that’s within reach.

inground hot tub installed by green scene

Call today to talk about your options and see how far your budget can go.


Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely! Our extensive warranty is something you can feel confident about because we will stand behind our workmanship and materials for as long as you enjoy them. If another pool contractor in Oakville, Etobicoke or Mississauga offers a comparable warranty, we haven’t heard of it.

What areas does Green Scene Landscaping service?

We service Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto and the surrounding areas. However, landscape and construction projects can be arranged for those outside these areas by request.

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