Landscape Consultation

Meet Your Landscape Professionals & Set Expectations

A professional landscape consultation is a great way for you to set your expectations. You’ll meet with an experienced professional to help you lay out the process and set step-by-step goals so you get what you want.

Here’s an outline of our process.

1. Initial discovery

  • Homeowners & Green Scene Landscaping meet to discuss the current property and vision for improvement.
  • We require a deposit to move from discovery to design – the design you want will be detailed and thorough, and requires a significant time investment.

2. Design phase

  • Green Scene Landscaping reviews vision from initial Discovery phase.
  • Plan is created to fulfill homeowner’s vision.
  • Materials are earmarked.
  • Investment proposal created.

3. Investment presentation

  • Homeowners & Green Scene Landscaping meet to review design and investment plan.
  • Construction timeline is set.
  • Agreements reviewed & signed.
  • Initial deposit is transfered.

4. Pre-project communication

  • Homeowners & Green Scene Landscaping discuss project commencement.
  • Equipment, materials and delivery dates/times are set.

5. Project communication

  • Homeowners & Green Scene Landscaping agree on frequency of communication while project is underway.
  • Proactively deal with any changes or unforeseen obstacles.

6. Post project completion

  • Homeowners & Green Scene Landscaping review finished project.
  • Final payment.
  • Referrals are always appreciated.

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Landscape consultation preparation

Before your meeting, write down:

  • A detailed wish list for your project, priorities highlighted.
  • Desired timeline for work to begin and end.
  • Your budget.

A Green Scene Landscaping professional will visit your home to discuss your home remodeling plans.

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