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Why Winter is the Right Time for Your Interior Home Renovation

Get Better Value with a Winter Renovation

Most families choose to undertake home renovations in the spring or summer, and that’s just fine.

But an interior home renovation in the winter holds a lot of advantages over the summer. As a homeowner, you get:

  • Better scheduling.
  • Faster permits.
  • Great incentives.
  • …and more.

So before you shelf those renovation plans for the year, take a look at why winter renovations are actually better for most families than summer or spring renovations.

What kind of renovation are you planning?

Bedroom accent wall

Some renovations will be great to complete before you hit the thick of the holiday entertaining season.

  • Feature walls.
  • A dramatic new mantle.
  • Full basement completing.

Your renovation might be quicker than you think.

Call to figure out a timeline with our team and see if your renovation can get done before your family arrives for holiday celebrations.

Better scheduling options for your winter interior renovation.

Most families get involved in interior renovations in the spring and summer, leaving contractor schedules wide open in the winter.

It’s a win for you, since the contractor is free to work comfortably around your schedule.

Chances are your contractor can pick up your project immediately and get to work within the week. The sooner the project starts, the sooner it ends – the sooner you have your new basement.

Taking a vacation? Come home to a renovated living space!

landscaping mississaugaIf your family plans to travel this winter, like many do, book a renovation while you’re away.

You’ll avoid the disruption to your daily life and won’t live through any of the stress most homeowners feel during any kind of home renovation.

Leave for your trip and come home to a fresh, new feature or living space. It’s the best way to get a home reno done.

Get those building permits fast.

Government agencies run into the same slowdowns as contractors during the winter.

With less work going on, they tend to get permits done quicker than usual.

The shortage of overall building projects in the winter means yours gets a bump right ot the front of the non-existent line!

It’s another factor helping move your renovation forward to completion before the holidays are upon us.

Get the end-of-season incentives and price reductions.

The end of the year usually brings the best price incentives for building products.

If you want to save money on your renovation (and really, who doesn’t?), this is a huge opportunity.

A handful of stone suppliers in the GTA are offering end of season clearance prices, up to 70% off stone products. If your project requires stone, now is the time!

The working conditions are right.

Dry air helps concrete and other building compounds dry quicker, speeding up your overall renovation timeline.

If the conditions outside are just right, it’s actually better to pour concrete footers for your large home addition this time of year. Frozen ground and dry air are perfect conditions for digging foundations and pouring footers.

Depending on your project, the cold, dry weather could really work for you.

There’s still time to get your interior renovation done before your holiday entertaining hits, and the possibility for money savings and flexible scheduling make the winter a prime time of year for interior home renovations.

Talk to one of our experienced project planners today and find out how a winter interior renovation can fit your budget and timeline!

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