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Winter is Almost Here. Now What?

Wintertime comes with a variety of challenges. Driving, having to wear layers and even taking an evening stroll all offer issues that we don’t face in the warmer months.

Well, for your plants and landscaping, the winter offers them their own list of challenges. But Green Scene Landscaping has some tips to help.

Plants and shrubs

A great place to start is to remove any dead plants or annuals. They will take nutrients away from your perennials and other plants that you want to make it through the winter.

Next, add around two to three inches of mulch to all your flower beds. The mulch adds a blanket of warmth and protects your plants during the frigid months. Mulch also helps your plants retain moisture during the cold, dry winter.

Heavy snow and winds can seriously harm your shrubs and plants. Help protect them by wrapping them in burlap.

For smaller and more delicate plants, cover them in overturned buckets or pots for an added layer of protection.

Get your lawn winter-ready

Make sure to cut your grass on a 10-14-day cycle until the ground completely freezes. This helps make sure that anything on your lawn, such as leaves, will be kept at a minimum, so nothing smothers your lawn and causes brown spots.

  • Also, when snow falls, the short height of your grass can reduce the chances of fungus damage.

Besides making a pile and jumping into them, you should do be doing something with your leaves. You can either mulch them with your mower, making sure that they pile up to less than ½ inch on your lawn, or you can rake and put them into yard bags.

  • Though this is a labour-intensive practice it’ll be well worth it come spring.

Getting your yard aerated and fertilized is always a good idea. This process will promote a better environment for your lawn, help the roots of your grass prepare for the harsh winter, and encourage better growth in the springtime.

Prepare all your landscape fixtures

As with your plants, all your outdoor fixtures need to be protected as well. These items are generally pricey, delicate and add a lot of character to your yard, so you need to take extra special care of them.

Anything that is cement or brick should be kept free of ice and water build up, such as sidewalks or patios.

The following fixtures should be covered with tarps that are tightly secured:

  • Fountain
  • Statues
  • Decorative pieces

Ice, water and snow should also be kept off them, as the heavy force they can produce could damage your fixtures.

If you have a pool, make sure to get a professional pool cleaning company to shut down and winterize it for you. Working with a professional not only saves time and energy but ensures that your pool closing is done correctly.

Invest in a high-quality pool cover that can withstand the weight of snow, and even with that, try and keep the pool cover as clear as possible to cut down on the chances of someone or something walking on it.

Hot tubs and spas are especially useful in the winter. Make sure that the heater and pump on them are functioning properly. If they are not, water could potentially freeze in the pump, pipes or the unit itself, causing some major damage.

Some other ways to prepare your yard

  • Gather and tie up any large branches or sticks. These could fly around and cause damage on your property.
  • Put away any other yard items, such as garden accessories, sculptures or hanging baskets, that could get damaged over the winter.
  • Move your winter accessories – shovels, snow blower, salt etc. to the front of your garage or shed. This will save you having to dig through things to find what you need come snowfall.

Winters can be harsh on your plants, landscaping, and outdoor space but if you give them the tools they need to survive, they will be fine. Like us, they are stronger than we think. Stay warm out there!

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