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What is an interlocking concrete paver?

Interlocking concrete pavers for driveways are special.

interlocking concrete pavers for drivewaysThese durable stone products became the most popular material for attractive and long lasting driveway designs over the last 30 years.


Well, because they’re durable and attractive. What else do you really need?

Even though you don’t need it, you get much more with interlocking concrete pavers for driveways.

Durability with the warranty to back it up.

Interlocking concrete pavers are often stronger than a poured concrete driveway.

interlocking concrete pavers for drivewaysWhen a product like this includes a lifetime warranty, it means the manufacturer expects it to last.

Replacing products due to warranty issues costs manufacturers money. They don’t want to waste a single dollar, so it’s in their interest NOT to offer warranties longer than the expected shelf life of the product.

If your interlocking concrete pavers carry a lifetime warranty, you can be almost certain they’ll last forever.

Variety for your unique design.

The variety of shapes and colours available to your designer provides endless design options.

Your interlocking driveway will look totally unique, unlike your neighbour’s asphalt or poured concrete driveway.

Brick pavers give a different look, with less variety and a shorter lifespan (interlock driveways last anywhere from 30-50 years, while brick might last 30 at the longest).

Installation is fast and any repairs are simple.

interlocking concrete pavers for drivewaysInterlocking design allows quick and easy installation. Your driveway install won’t take any longer than a poured driveway. In fact- poured products require several days to cure before you can use them. Interlocking concrete pavers are ready to use as soon as the driveway is laid out.

If something happens to chip one of your interlocking pavers, replacing a single piece is far easier than the labour involved in repairing a poured driveway.

Maintenance is simple.

  • Sweep up leaves, if you don’t want leaves laying on the driveway.
  • Rinse them with the hose if you notice a buildup of dirt anywhere.

That’s it. There really isn’t a lot of work to do with your interlocking concrete pavers.

Small gaps between the pavers sometimes allow weeds to grow. It’s a lot of work for them, so the weeds take a long time to break through. You can just pull them by hand. It’ll take a long time for them to grow back (plus, we put down base materials to discourage any sort of growth under your interlocking concrete pavers.

We install your interlocking concrete paver driveway over a compacted base with professional edging and drainage accounted for. We do it right the first time so you get everything you paid for with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

If you like the idea of a low maintenance, long-lasting-eye-catching driveway that makes your home more unique and appealing to potential buyers down the road, give us a call to talk about your design style today.

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