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Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for 2019

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New Year is a time for change and reflection and also the perfect opportunity to update your surroundings. Your outdoor space is a great place to start. Outdoor fireplaces are a main contender, bringing with them a plethora of benefits. They can enhance your mood and turn your yard into a glorious outdoor haven.

Read on for their amazing qualities and new outdoor fireplace trends to transform your space in 2019.

5 Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Whether fireplace or fire pit, there’s a rustic look suitable to everyone’s tastes. Fire adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to an outdoor space. It’s a natural element that creates a focal point and turns an ordinary space into something quite spectacular.

1. A Tiny Bit Traditional – A classical fireplace gets an update thanks to some clever design work. Bring the indoors outside with a traditional looking fireplace in natural stone. Create a living space to mimic the perfect, cozy family room. Use large cushions and throws to really enjoy your outdoor living space.

2. Minimal Masterpiece – Concrete is a must and a real staple for honing in on the minimalism trend. Try a low, wide fireplace and play around with different textures and finishes. A darker contrasting mantle showcases a bespoke look. Create an opening and place fresh cut logs. Matching concrete seating and dining options brings the whole look together.

3. Classic Country – A red brick work fireplace frames the perfect country scene. Incorporate wrought iron, brick or stone fittings, and marry them with contrasting tables and chairs. Woven or beaded materials adds an extra element and creates a sense of care-free relaxation.

4. Awesome Open Pit – To really appreciate the flames on a fire, an open fire pit is the best choice. Choose a masonry brick pit to take yourself back to memories of camping trips. Use reclaimed logs and wood to create bespoke details and furniture pieces. Huge throw pillows and lanterns add a touch of glamour to your rugged outdoor spot.

5. Beautiful Bonfire Pit – Keep all of the focus on your fire pit. Try a teak-and-steel lava-rock fire pit. Showcase the flames and use a wood surround seating bench. Keep colours natural and clean to create a blank canvas.

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Fireplace

• A fire pit/fireplace adds ambience to an outdoor space and, due to the heat and light it emits, allows you to use your deck/yard into the later evening and the colder months.
• The living room may not be the most favoured place in the home anymore. An outdoor fire allows you to sit with loved ones and create new, special memories.
• Toast marshmallows and sit around singing – no longer are fire pits reserved for holidays and camping. Enjoy special times all year round.
• Increase your property value with a fireplace and beautiful outdoor living space.
• Give yourself an extra space to cook and enjoy meals.

Come to Green Scene Landscaping for your new outdoor fireplace. We create beautiful custom masonry fireplaces comprised of a variety of materials such as:

• Brick
• Natural Stone
• Flagstone
• River Rock
• Sandstone

Contact us today and let us help your turn your yard into the place to be in 2019.

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