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Landscaping Trends in 2018 | Interlock, Decks and Outdoor Kitchens

A new year brings new landscaping trends.

Some are perennial trends, staying in style year after year, like:

  • Creative container combos.
  • Large, natural (looking) hardscapes.
  • Custom decks.

backyard deck


Others come into trend slowly and take hold in the perennial category over time. In 2018, we think these qualify:

  • Local plants.
  • Outdoor kitchens.
  • Drought resistant gardening.

Your property can be more comfortable, usable and desirable (if you decide to sell) by picking up one a few of these landscaping trends in 2018.

Creative container combos

When planning the plants you want in your front or backyard, don’t neglect containers. They provide beautiful accents and lend texture to an outdoor space.

Combine plants within a container to provide an extra, unexpected splash of color. Containers can be the perfect addition to a pool patio, where many families leave stonework bare.

Take a before and after picture and you will be shocked by how more inviting your pool area is with a few containers.

Large, natural hardscapes

Deck builder burlingtonHardscapes never go out of style. Even a  hardscape design form the 70’s can still look great, as long as it isn’t cracked to pieces or ensconced in weeds.

The easiest way to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space is by installing a natural hardscape – interlocking pavers or other forms of natural stone.

Whatever you plan this year, get the look your neighbours envy with stone products galore.

Custom decks

What do you want to do with your deck?

  • Will you entertain friends?
  • Will you cook under the stars with your family?
  • Do you dream of an elevated hot tub or fire pit?
  • Do you want to relax with a large set of patio furniture?

A deck made with synthetic wood products looks just like real wood, requires way less maintenance and lasts a whole lot longer.

It’s a good thing you waited until now to build your deck, because the products available were never so good. You can have the best deck available this year.

Local plants and drought resistant gardening

Local plants and drought resistant gardens work together.

garden path landscapingLocal plants are already adapted to your climate, so they cope well with the natural water available. They also support the small insects and animals that make a back yard really come alive.

Good drought tolerant perennial plants include:

  • Portulaca
  • Celosia
  • Amaranth
  • Gomphrena
  • Sunflower

Add some drought resistant shrubs or trees, like:

  • Honey locust.
  • Turkish hazel.
  • Russian olive.
  • Sea buckthorn.
  • Sumac.
  • Bayberry.
  • Honeysuckle.
  • Butterflybush.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens overlap with hardscaping, but deserve a separate mention.

Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a BBQ with a plumbed in sink, or it can include preparation surfaces, serving areas, multiple cooktops, refrigeration, and just about anything you can imagine.

An outdoor kitchen is already a huge selling point for homes in the GTA, so whenever you’re ready to move, the outdoor kitchen you get years of enjoyment from will help your property stand out.

2018 can be your family’s outdoor living year.

Pick one or more of these trends and give your family the home retreat of their dreams.

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