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How to Find the Right Landscape Contractor for Your Family’s Renovation

How to find the right landscape contractor for your family’s reno

A good landscape contractor translates your new landscape design from paper to your property with few (if any) surprises. You get exactly what you imagine because communication is open, expectations are clear and your chosen contractor has the experience to complete the trickiest parts of your job.

Custom Fire PitThe right landscape contractor for your family’s reno has that, plus a little something intangible. You connect with them and trust them with your property (and hard-earned money).

When you shop around for your landscape contractor, finding that right one can be easy, or it can seem impossible. If you want to feel good about your investment, that perfect contractor is a necessity.

Here’s how you can see if the landscape contractor quoting your project is the right one for your family’s renovation.

Good vibrations

Your landscape contractor will spend a lot of time around your home. You need to feel comfortable professionally and socially with the team.

Your first impression is a strong indicator of the relationship you can have with your landscape contractor.

There are lots of good landscape contractors, so if you feel tension, resistance, impatience, or anything negative with the first one you call, move on to another option.

Trust the vibes you feel in your first contact with your landscaper.

Read the reviews

A landscaper who is proud of his or her work will ask customers for reviews.

You can find some of ours (and look up the other contractors you are considering) on Houzz, and more on Homestarz.

Consumers are more likely to leave negative reviews online than positive. If your contractor has an overall positive rating on reviews sites, you can be confident in the quality of the work.

You might also come across reviews that verify your good vibes about the contractor. So read as many as you need.

Check the online portfolio

It’s easy to take pictures of completed jobs and post them online.

Perfect backyard landscapeIf a landscape contractor is proud of his/her work, you’ll find it on the website.

Browse the pictures and look for work resembling your landscape vision. Don’t be dazzled by the quality of the pictures themselves. Always look at the quality of the work .

It’s always encouraging to find a unique feature you want in your landscape in the portfolio of your landscape contractor.

Look for industry memberships

Your landscape contractors should be committed to improving the craft.

We are members of Landscape Ontario, and an authorized Unilock contractor.

Industry memberships reflect a level professionalism most homeowners prefer from their contractor. Look around the website or ask your contractor what memberships they have.

Ask about guarantees

Your landscape contractor will use warrantied products, but also offer warranty coverage on the work.

Our team offers a 5 year guarantee on all work (and longer, if we continue maintaining your property after the landscape renovation is done).

Ask your prospective contractor about any guarantees, and make sure they provide documentation on paper.

Find out about payment options

You shouldn’t be forced into a strange payment scheme.

Find out about your payment options and discuss any concerns you have with your contractor.

You plan to invest tens of thousands of dollars into your outdoor living space, and you deserve exactly what you want for that substantial investment.

Some contractors may offer a half-befrore, half-after payment option, others a 1/3 at a time, and others might allow you to pay in full upon completion of the project.

Call a few contractors for quotes and write down your impressions of them as you talk over the phone. Take the time to choose your favourite – it’s worth it.

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