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The grass is greener on this side

The grass is greener on this side.

A healthy lawn can go a long way to capturing the overall effect of a beautiful home. You can ensure the vitality and beauty of your lawn this year with a few simple steps.

Aerating the lawn- Aerating is a process in which air is circulated in the soil. This is typically done with an Aerator which allow for water to penetrate deep into the soil.

This step also breaks up Thatch. Thatch is a layer is a layer of leaves, roots which can accumulate between the layers of growing grass. The amount of Thatch that is required should be kept at 1 cm to ensure that nutrients and water can penetrate into the soil.

Grass cutting mississauga Mowing your lawn

Ensure your lawn mower is sharp and keep the clippings of grass on the lawn to provide a natural source of nitrogen on your lawn.


You may not need to fertilize if your soil is rich in nutrients. Check if the soil is “sandy” in quality. If you need to fertilize, consider a natural or organic fertilizer for your lawn.


This can repair damaged patches & thicken your lawn.

Removing weeds

weed control mississaugaPull weeds out by hand for best results.


Before you water your grass, check the soil moisture- it should feel dry before you begin adding water. Water your grass as needed and adhering to your city’s watering laws.

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