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Get Inspired with Great Front Entrance Interlock Ideas

interlock driveway contemporary home

What makes for great front entrance interlocking? You need to combine the right stone and pattern for your entryway to make a truly eye-catching statement. Although with so many interlocking and pattern options to choose from, making the right decision for your home can seem a little daunting.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve collected some examples of our most beautiful interlocking projects to inspire you and would be happy to chat with you further about customizing one of these ideas, or a combination, to suit your needs.

Combining Natural Stone to Create a Sleek Appearance

We laid the interlocking on this front entryway in a simple pattern, so it blends well with the natural stone steps and siding on this lovely home. We chose blueish grey interlocking to work with the slate-like tops of the stairs, giving it a clean, elegant look.

interlock and natural stone front

Use Large and Small Pavers for a Unique Look

Your interlocking pavers don’t all have to be the same size. In fact, by pairing a larger and smaller stone of the same colour and texture, you can add dynamic appeal to an otherwise plain front yard.
large and small paver walkway

The interlocking above boosts the beauty of the low maintenance landscaping, so this homeowner has a beautiful entryway they don’t have to weed.

Try Edging the Driveway with Interlocking

Not ready to commit your whole driveway to interlocking, but still want to add a high-class feel to your home’s exterior? No problem. You can simply edge the driveway and sidewalk with the same interlocking you’re using for the front steps, which helps to tie the entire look together.

interlock edging around driveway

Consider the Benefits of Herringbone

If you’re searching for a unique pattern that will help your entrance stand out, herringbone may be right option for you. This pattern looks sharp and withstands the pressure from vehicles better than other patterns, so it will also last longer.

herringbone pattern walkway

Though the front entrance above has herringbone laid out vertically, you can lay this pattern in different directions, including on an angle to the right or left as well as horizontally.

Utilize Dynamic Shapes

Have an unusually shaped front yard? Or are you looking to lay interlocking in a unique shape to make a statement or work with landscaping? Our experts can help you lay interlocking in curves, circles, and much more to create fun patterns that really stand out and differentiate you from the neighbors.

dynamic shape interlock pattern

Consider adding an edge stone to show off the shape of your curved interlocking even more, as we did in the yard above.

Interlocking Ideas from Green Scene Landscaping

Ready to get started? Our interlocking service takes all of the stress off your hands. We’ll help you choose your stone and pattern, then we’ll get to work laying it out for you. The final result is a leveled, beautiful, interlocking pathway that fits your needs and your home’s overall look.

Want more great front entrance interlocking ideas? Take a look at our gallery, or contact us directly to talk through your needs so we can help you come up with a customized idea.


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