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Fall Jobs For Your Outdoor Stone Landscaping

Setting your home apart from your neighbours and creating an outdoor space where friends and family can gather to create memories is every homeowner’s goal.

Something else that’s important to homeowners? Increasing home value with features that are aesthetically pleasing and serve functional purposes.

The best way to accomplish all of this is with outdoor stone landscaping.

Outdoor Stone Hardscaping for Exquisite Outdoor Living

At Green Scene Landscaping, we design and install using the most premium natural and man-made materials that will bring a new and unique experience to your outdoor lifestyle.

A natural, outdoor stone landscape adds appeal and value to your property, whether it’s used for:

  • Driveways
  • Garden footpaths
  • Patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Design accents
  • Swimming pool waterfalls

Natural stone brings depth, variety and unique colour to your home’s landscaping. But how can you keep your stone looking as great as it did when it was first installed? How can you protect your hardscape from the harsh Canadian elements?

3 Things to Do to Protect Your Stone Landscape This Winter

Natural outdoor stone hardscaping and landscaping is an investment that will provide you and your family with endless opportunities for entertainment.

To keep these surfaces looking their best, you’ll need to do routine maintenance. Here are our top tips for regular hardscape maintenance—just in time for the colder, harsher months!

1. Regular Upkeep

Sweep the surfaces of your natural stone regularly to keep it clear of leaves and other debris. This is especially important during fall when leaves start to decompose, leaving behind stains and mold.

If leaves have already begun to leave marks on your stone hardscape, use a hose to wash the surface, along with a strong cleaning solution to lift the stain.

If weeds, grass or other plants have made their way in between cracks in the tiles, be sure to remove the roots completely to prevent your tiles from separating and getting damaged.

2. Seal Your Outdoor Stone

If you have not already, sealing your outdoor stone surfaces has many benefits that will keep your hardscape looking its best.

Sealing your stone can:

  • Extend the lifespan of your outdoor stone
  • Prevent fading
  • Protect the stone from damage
  • Simplify maintenance and care

3. Use Sand to Prevent Plants

It is recommended to sweep polymeric sand into the joints or cracks of your outdoor stone.

This special type of sand works to help hold the pavers and tiles in place. It also helps prevent weeds from growing between the stones, which is essential to ensure the stones don’t shift or crack.

Need Outdoor Stone Landscaping? Now Is the Time

When it comes to building outdoor stone patios or decks, many people think spring and summer are the best seasons to do so. However, fall is a great time to install new outdoor stone landscaping. Why? Well…

  • During the fall, you are less likely to be using your outdoor space as much as you would in the warmer months like spring and summer.
  • You don’t need to worry about vegetation or insect pests interfering, because they will most likely already be dormant.
  • Once spring rolls around, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor stone landscaping instead of waiting for construction to be completed.

Let Us Help You With Your Stonework

Need help or more tips about how to keep your outdoor natural stone looking great? Give us a call, and speak with one of our professionals. We’re always happy to help!

And, if you’re ready to give your home an upgraded curb appeal, we can help you with design and installation.

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