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Everything You Need to Consider About Your Pool This Winter

Pools Add Value to Your Home, Despite the Season

Don’t let winter hold you back from getting the pool of your dreams. A pool is a great addition to any landscape, no matter the season. Pools add value to your home and provide a source of fun and relaxation for your family.

For pool owners, winter means a shift in pool care and maintenance, which is important to protect your investment in your home and landscaping. Here are some tips on how to take care of your pool during the cold winter months so that it’s in good condition when you’re ready to open it again in the spring:

Caring for Your Pool During the Winter:

  1. Winterize Your Pool 

If you have a pool, you’ve probably already shut it down for winter. Closing your pool is the first thing you should do once the weather starts to dip.

Tip: Purchase a pool chemical kit – they come with all the chemicals you need to close your pool.

  1. Choose the Right Cover

Properly covering your pool is essential to ensuring it has a long lifespan. While most pool owners use bags filled with water or sand to secure the pool cover, this method can be an unsightly eyesore for your winter landscape. 

Instead, consider purchasing a pool safety cover. These covers are more securely fastened to your pool deck and are designed to withstand heavy weight – so if a child accidentally steps on the pool cover they won’t fall in.

The added safety of this type of pool cover will give you peace of mind, but it’s also a great way to protect your pool from heavy snowfalls. Plus, because it’s anchored to your pool deck it looks sleek and won’t impede on the beauty of your yard.

  1. Keep Your Cover Clear During Winter 

Winter pool maintenance doesn’t end with closing your pool. Keep your pool cover clear to ensure it doesn’t rip or sag from snow buildup. If ice builds up on the cover of your pool, allow it to melt before pumping it off the cover.  Keep an eye on the snow and ice levels and routinely clear away what you can to protect your pool over the winter months.

  1. Get a Jump on Spring

When the first signs of spring finally roll around and the water starts to thaw, lift a corner of your pool cover and add some liquid chlorine. This will give the water an added boost when you go to open the pool once stable, warmer temperatures arrive.

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