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Consolidating Landscape Projects with One Contractor

Backyard Landscape

When planning a new landscaping project for around your deck, pool, or elsewhere in your yard, hiring a single landscape contractor will take the hassle out of dealing with multiple companies and work processes, and help you build a solid relationship with one person or company that you trust to get your projects completed on time and to your expectations.

Contractors have the expertise and a broad network to utilize, that will help you make the best creative and practical decisions for your yard. Read on to see some of the ways that having one contractor can assist you in creating a beautiful space for your backyard.

Benefits of Using a Single Contractor for Your Landscaping


Landscape contractors have a deep understanding of the science behind landscaping a yard. Contractors are familiar with current trends and have the knowledge of what works well with each specific property. Each yard has an individual design, size and different complexities, and landscapers know what works in certain situations and what does not.

Deck in a Backyard

If you’re looking to add landscaping around your deck for privacy, a contractor can plan a way to create a private space that reduces visibility and blocks out noise while maintaining its appeal. Landscaping around raised decks can be especially difficult to visualize but contractors are equipped with the knowledge of how to develop an effective design. Because of their expertise in the field, they can generate ideas that you may not have considered before.

Uniform Design

Having an individual contractor on your project will not only streamline the management aspect of the process from conceptual ideas to budget planning and construction, but it will also help maintain a uniform look to your space.

A contractor can develop an overall plan of ideas and designs that pull together all aspects of your yard (fence, pool, interlock, deck design, etc.) to complement each other.

Simplified Budget

Having a single contractor is cost-effective as it prevents redundant work. The contractor can create a cohesive strategy that pieces together all aspects of the landscaping project, which also makes billing a simpler process.

Because landscape professionals have experience in the field, they have an intimate understanding of associated costs and are equipped to ensure that your project stays within your desired budget.

Solid Relationship

Working with a single landscaper makes it easier to develop a strong working relationship and someone you trust to develop your vision. When a contractor is working closely with you to build a design, it’s easier to establish a foundation of trust and it’s likely that you will feel more comfortable with the development of the project when you can focus on this vision together. Additionally, it saves time and effort when one person is responsible for the organization and execution, and it’s clear who to communicate with every step of the way.

Contractors also have existing relationships with other reputable service providers that can assist with whatever additional requirements a project may have, while acting as a liaison to take care of the details for you.

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