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Which Decking Material is Best?

It can be hard to choose a material for your deck as there are so many choices and good options out there in today’s market. Which decking material is best for you? When making your decision, you should consider factors such as durability, maintenance, price and design. You’ll want a quality material within your budget…

Latest Outdoor Kitchen Trends

Summer may seem far off but enjoying a backyard kitchen in the warm weather is just around the corner. The new year offers the latest outdoor kitchen trends that can be utilized to enhance your existing outdoor kitchen or become part of planning a new one. In past years, trends aimed more towards making your…

Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for 2019

New Year is a time for change and reflection and also the perfect opportunity to update your surroundings. Your outdoor space is a great place to start. Outdoor fireplaces are a main contender, bringing with them a plethora of benefits. They can enhance your mood and turn your yard into a glorious outdoor haven. Read…

Winter is Almost Here. Now What?

Wintertime comes with a variety of challenges. Driving, having to wear layers and even taking an evening stroll all offer issues that we don’t face in the warmer months. Well, for your plants and landscaping, the winter offers them their own list of challenges. But Green Scene Landscaping has some tips to help. Plants and…

Fall Jobs For Your Outdoor Stone Landscaping

Setting your home apart from your neighbours and creating an outdoor space where friends and family can gather to create memories is every homeowner’s goal. Something else that’s important to homeowners? Increasing home value with features that are aesthetically pleasing and serve functional purposes. The best way to accomplish all of this is with outdoor…

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