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5 Ways to Save Water & Still Keep A Beautiful Landscape

One of the biggest misconceptions about lawn care and landscaping is that you need to water your yard in excess for it to be green and lush.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Of course, watering is imperative to a healthy lawn. But it isn’t the only thing you can do to keep your landscaping looking beautiful.

Water is a precious resource. Help your yard use less water – and save money – with these simple tips.

Water the right way

Did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to water your lawn and plants?

Up to a third of water from sprinklers can evaporate from the heat of the sun, so be sure to give your plants fewer, heavier soakings.

And try to water in the morning, so the sun won’t evaporate the water before your plants have a chance to soak it up.

Use mulch

Mulch is the number one thing you can do to preserve soil moisture, prevent water evaporation, and improve plant growth.

If you have a problem with weeds in your yard, mulch will do the trick because it works to keep down the weeds and decomposes to improve the soil.

Choose native or drought-resistant plants

When you’re deciding on plants for your yard, it is worth considering native or drought-resistant plants.

These plants typically require less maintenance and very little watering, because they establish quickly and will be naturally hardy and healthy – perfect for your water conservation efforts!

Reduce your lawn

The average Canadian household uses 1,400 litres of water per day, and roughly 30% of that is used for lawncare or landscaping purposes.

Can you imagine how much water (and money spent on high water bills) you would save if you had less lawn to take care of?

Consider replacing some of that grass with a ground cover such as:

If you install ground cover in your outdoor space that covers a large area and requires zero mowing, you’ll be well on your way to saving water.

Plant more trees

Planting trees is a popular trick many homeowners use to save water in their yards. Why?

  • Trees take up more yard space
  • Trees reduce the amount of grass that needs to be watered
  • Trees provide shade for your lawn and plants

Of course, trees need water. But they have an extensive root system and usually don’t require as much, or as frequent watering.

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