Going Green….

Climate change is an increasing concern. The population abuses resources and wastage is widely growing. Creating ‘Green Spaces’ within urban areas could help address climatic change. Green spaces create oxygen, absorb carbon, and filter pollutants and dust from the air.

Green Scene Landscaping has always been an advocate for green choices and responsibility. We do our best in promoting social responsibility. Here are some of the policy and choices we adhere by to do our part:

Some of our GO GREEN strategies include:

•E-Billing solutions are provided to all of our clients to reduce the amount of paper usage

•External communications to clients are made via email which further helps in reducing paper usage.

•All concrete from sites are brought to recyclers where they are crushed and turned into gravel which can once again be recycled and used as sub-bases.

•All metal, soil and asphalt are recycled

•We only use recycled mulches within our projects

•All wood skids are returned to the supplier for re-using

•Large plant containers are reused and smaller containers are recycled

•Water efficient plants and native species are used where possible

•Recycled office paper is used for printing purposes.

•Printer cartridges are taken to recycle centres for reusing

Our Portfolio

Portfolio 2 Bryans Lauder Curb Appeal All Natural Sprucing It Up House on the Hill pt. 2 Aura Lea The Mews Scarborough Ridelle Outdoor Oasis